Dear Friends,

Law and Economy University after Avetik Mkrtchyan (LEU) has been among the first bearers of new and original ideas in the republic since its foundation. As a leading educational, scientific, and educational-cultural centre, the university has a serious and important mission in Armenia and before the whole Armenians. Law and Economy University after Avetik Mkrtchyan has had 20 years of prolific life.

Being one of the independent and self-managed leading higher educational institutions in Armenia LEU is now a serious competitor and partner for other prestigious Armenian universities. I am sure that the ongoing changes and innovations will guarantee and contribute to making considerable achievements, as a result of which the status of the university will be stable in the scientific-educational context of the country. For this, more than ever I signify the existence of the university official web-site. It is at your disposal with new structure and new content.

I hope you will be able to find the necessary information you are interested in, as well as the materials presented here will be useful and interesting for you.

Laura Mkrtchyan,